M500Commercial Web Offset Printing Press

– Speed: 40,000 copies / hour
– Cut off: 546 / 578 / 625 mm
– Cylinder configuration: 2*1
– Folding: 1:2:2:2 Jaw 1/2 Fold(options – 1/4 Fold, Double Parallel, Delta Fold)

M500 web press features proven technology to deliver high print quality, efficiently and reliably at up to 40,000 impressions per hour. Affordability and a straight forward design also make this press easy to own and operate, and versatility makes it ideal for companies that rely on a single press to produce multiple formats and jobs.


MV400Commercial Web Offset Printing Press

– Speed: 40,000 copies / hour
– Cut off: 546 / 578 / 560 mm
– Cylinder configuration: 2*1
– Folding: 1:2:2:2 Jaw 1/2 Fold(options – 1/4 Fold, Double Parallel)

The MV400 was designed as a cost effective semi-commercial press. The press is designed as a 4Hi configuration and combined with a dryer as a compact semi-commercial press. The press can print on paper, coated or LWC paper and can produce value added high quality print.


Sheet Fed Offset Printing Press


– Speed: 12,000 copies / hour
– Max Printing Area: 720 * 1040 mm
– Paper Thickness: 0.06 – 0.6 mm (60 – 600 micron)
– Max Film Width: 1000 mm
– Max Roll Diameter: 400 mm

Our proven SG-104 Sheet Fed Press is now available with additional print technologies in order to enhance the value of the printed products. These enhancements include a varnish print unit and cold foil print unit. The additional print technologies greatly enhance the appearance, quality and value of the printed products.